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Operation Features

Easy to use interface, utilising graphic ribbon navigation, similar to Mircosoft Word, Excel and Outlook applications.

software-stock-controlStock location - receiving, putaway, stock movement, picking, packing, replenishment, shipping, loading, cycle counting.

Radio frequency, barcoding, RF ID.

System controlled RF picking management.

Food, Aromatic, Hazard storage rules.

FIFO/Batch Control/Serial Number/ Dated Stock Tracking.

Quarantine Inventory Management.

Full pallet and partial pallet order picking.

Pick and Pack Operation.software-stock-control

Electronic file transfer of customer pre advice / orders direct into WITS.

Pallet & Product tracking from vehicle entry into warehouse to vehicle exit from warehouse.

Automated secure off-site database backup.

Managerial reports to improve warehouse efficiency.

Add additional modules to your package as your company grows.

Report Features

WITS Data Bureau to give your customers access to on-line stock reports, GI, POD etc.

Email scheduler to automatically send stock reports to your customer.

Key Performance Indicators based on Radio Terminal pallet throughput.

Bespoke Management reporting with automated email facilities.

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