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Entry Level

System Description

The entry level warehouse management software has the capability to carry out all of the basic warehouse stock control, warehouse management operations and reporting requirements of any customer. It has the ability to handle up to ten third party customers and each third party customer can have up to 1000 product lines. The entry level system can be upgraded as your company grows to include additional customers or larger quantity of product lines as well as being able to include any of the higher end WITS modules.

System Configuration

warehouse management software


A single PC connected to a report printer through the use of the WITS warehouse management software has the power to control, manage and report on all aspects of the stocks life cycle. This can be upgraded or have additional modules added as and when required.                            The system can be scheduled to communicate with the WITS servers to backup databases, update WEB reports, send scheduled email reports, and run weekly system costings. The verticality of the WITS Entry level system allows for the addition of these modules at any time.


Key Benefits

  • Upgradable as your business grows.
  • Suitable for most Windows operating systems.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Easy reporting for your warehouse operations.
  • Increased stock accuracy.
  • Monthly rental.


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