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Case Study

RPL [visit website]

RPL Transport is based in Milton Keynes and specialises in third party warehouse storage and high volume distribution.

To control the day to day Warehouse Management Operation the WITS system is installed at the warehouse together with the WITS RTP real time radio data interface.

warehouse-management-systemsPeter Locket the Managing Director of RPL explains "We were looking for a Warehouse Management system that was simple to operate and could handle all of our Customers products ranging from baby food to paper reels. The WITS system was originally an entry level option which we have expanded as the business has grown in both volume and complexity"

As a high proportion of warehouse stock is baby food absolute pallet tracking is required and this is achieved using radio data terminals with integral bar code scanners.

Arriving products are booked onto the WITS system and the incoming pallets are scanned into barcoded pallet racking using the barcoded pallet labels.

Orders for shipment are transferred electronically to the WITS system from various customers and the requested pallets are scanned out of locations and onto vehicles. Customers can also issue electronic system updates to change stored stock status.

Powerful warehouse management reporting means all aspects of the day to day operation such as cube utilisation, available space, customer invoicing are available at the touch of a button.

All customers have the ability to access their current stock levels together with Goods In / Goods Out transactions via the WITS Data Bureau.

Other customer specific reports are also available via the WITS Data Bureau. On-line system support on all aspects of the warehouse management system is supplied from the WITS premises in Leeds.

The integrated WITS system is supplied to RPL Transport on a rental basic so avoiding high upfront costs.

For further details on the RPL Transport case study please view the warehouse-management-systems PDF document.

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