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Warehouse Stock Control

What is stock control software and why is it important?

No matter the size of your warehouse one of the most important factors to an efficient and effective throughput process, is having a warehouse stock control system that meets your warehouses requirements.

Our stock control software allows you to know where everything in your warehouse is, and with a full historical of what has previously happened.

Software stock control allows for the documentation of a products life cycle while in your warehouse. From the moment it was booked in, to when it is booked out, with each stock move, stock check, stock adjust and individual pick recorded during the life cycle.

Warehouse stock control allows for the production of picking lists produced in best walk sequence for faster more efficient picking, these will informing your warehouse operatives of what stock is required and the quantities to be picked, the location of the stock (which can incorporate your own required picking rules) and when the stock is required to be despatched. This allows for increased picking speed, efficiency and accuracy.

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