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Multi User

System Description

The multi user warehouse tracking software provided by WITS has the capability to carry out all of the basic warehouse stock control, warehouse management operations and reporting. It allows multiple users to access the system at any one time from multiple locations doing multiple operations. It has much greater capabilities than the entry level system with the number of third party customers being limitless and each third party customer having as many product lines as they require. The multi user warehouse tracking software comes with a 5 customer WEB report module as standard enabling up to 5 customers to have access to stock reports and transaction reports via the WITS web site. As with all the WITS software the system can be upgraded as your company grows to include WIFI mobile terminals and the addition any of the WITS modules.

System Configuration

Warehouse Tracking Software

Multiple users connect to the server running the warehouse tracking software. No matter whether your users are in the same room or many miles apart, the data will be available in real time for everyone.                           Remote customers are able to check their stock balances and transaction reports via a WEB reporting system hosted on the WITS web site.

Key Benefits

  • Reduction in time waiting to update system.
  • Access your real time system anywhere with an Internet connection.
  • Multiple users running the system at the same time.
  • Online Stock Report by Product.
  • Online Consolidated Stock Report.
  • Online Transaction History.

Require real time data?
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