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WIFI Truck Mounts

System Description

WIFI Truck Terminals can be added to either single user or multi user WITS systems. Connecting wirelessly to WIFI access nodes throughout your warehouse, the Truck Terminals allow for your warehouse operatives to perform Goods In, Stock Moves, Goods Out and Stock replenishments as well as run real time pallet and location enquires. The WIFI Truck Terminals are mounted to your trucks so providing added security over handheld terminals. Touch screen controls and separate barcode scanner allow for the truck terminals to be operated easily and safety by your truck drivers. Operations carried out on the WIFI Truck Terminals update the WITS database through the WITS RTP, allowing for accurate warehouse information for office staff and warehouse operatives.

System Configuration


Warehouse Tracking Software
WIFI access nodes are located throughout the warehouse to enable the remote WIFI truck mounted terminals to integrate and update the WITS database with real time data as stock is booked in, stock moved, and picked.   Warehouse operatives perform all day-to-day warehouse functions through WIFI Truck Mounts. The Truck Mount software is easy to use with touch screen interface and separate barcode scanners.

Key Benefits

  • Access real time stock information on forklifts.
  • Terminals securely fastened to forklift.
  • Touch screen displays for easy use.                                         
  • Accurate warehouse information for both office staff and warehouse operatives.
  • Able to perform all day-to-day warehouse functions on the truck mount.

What can it offer for your warehouse?
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